Géodata Diffusion offers to support students in their training course, in particular as part of their end-of-study project or work and to put the technology of the Orphéon network as well as our experience at their disposal.


We know how important the PFE/TFE is in validating the achievements of these future professionals. They can count on the knowledge, know-how, centimeter precision and repeatability that Orpheon services provide to produce quality work.

Our engagement

Access to Orpheon services

As part of our Education program, we want to allow students who, as part of their end-of-study project, would need precision geopositioning, to access Orpheon services. Whether it is a need for real-time corrections or a need for post-processing corrections (downloading Rinex files), we offer to provide access to these services for free (restricted by a password) throughout the duration of the Student’s end-of-study project. The duration of this subscription made available free of charge cannot be extended beyond this project.


Personalized technical support

We also offer to provide them with personalized technical support. Our technical manager and our support engineers will thus be able to answer their specific questions both for the development of their tests associated with our network and for the analysis of the results they will obtain.


Géodata Diffusion undertakes not to disclose or commercially exploit the information or results that may be communicated to it within the framework of this Education subscription without express authorization.

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Do not hesitate to request a subscription for your PFE / TFE, for this, fill out the form directly below. Our teams receive and study all requests, and respond in all cases very quickly. If your request is indeed eligible for our education program, you will then receive, free of charge, your identifiers as well as your personal connection codes. You will also receive a SIM card so that you can connect to our services.

Your engagement

The codes are assigned on a personal basis, free of charge, in a strictly educational framework, for the total duration of your internship and the time, in order to allow the realization of all the tests and measures necessary for the conduct of your PFE/TFE and the writing of the memoir. Under no circumstances should they be used for the production of the company or the private or public organization hosting the Student. The Student is free to produce publications or communications relating to the work carried out within the framework of his PFE/TFE subject to expressly indicating the present cooperation with Géodata Diffusion by mentioning in the acknowledgments section: “Corrections and ORPHEON data have been graciously made available to the author as part of an educational agreement” By sending your request for the provision of a free Education subscription, you accept these conditions above and you agree to respect them. An Education Subscription contract will be sent to you recalling all the conditions.

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