We share the same requirement !

The vision, values ​​and missions that Geodata Diffusion has set itself represent its identity and philosophy.

These values ​​are above all a moral contract and strong ethics that guide our Company’s relations with other players in the field, with our customers, our service providers, our suppliers, our partners, our distributors, or even our competitors.

They are also broken down into a line of conduct, in which all Company employees agree and which make Geodata Diffusion what it is today.

The missions of Geodata Diffusion

Geodata Diffusion has been primarily the French operator of the Orphéon network for more than 15 years.

To be the major and long-lasting player in France and internationally in the field of GNSS precision augmentation and to contribute through our human and technical approach to the sustainable development of our commercial relations.

  • Design, implementation and operation of highly available permanent GNSS stations.
  • Specification and Operation of a Highly Available Private Telecom Network.
  • Design, implementation and operation of a highly available data center.
  • Animation of Distribution networks for each of the trades concerned.
  • Training and dissemination of technical information
  • Technical support for Distributors and Solution Integrators.
  • Advanced before and after sales services.

The vision of Geodata Diffusion

Thanks to its strong expertise and extensive experience, our team is committed to serving our customers on a daily basis to provide them with the highest level of satisfaction. Our goal is to offer a secure and innovative service thanks to :

  • a personalized welcome
  • responsive technical support
  • continuous improvement of our infrastructure.
  • high precision positioning
  • a highest and constant rate of use of the service
  • quick and easy access to our services
  • enhanced territorial coverage

The values ​​of Geodata Diffusion

Everywhere in France our customers are not mistaken, every day more numerous, they confirm their confidence in us and we thank them for it.