For what work

The choice of your guide equipment will be mainly conditioned by the type of work you will have to carry out and the precision necessary for their realization. It is also necessary to think about adapting your guidance system according to the precision: a guide bar or autoguiding with an electric or hydraulic steering wheel servo, but also the possibility of a tilt corrector which allows you to to avoid inaccuracies in sloping plots.

The performance

Not all guidance systems are equal, far from it. Indeed, if maintaining a precise heading in the middle of the row in an open area remains fairly well achieved by all the systems, it is different in the stress areas or at the end of the row. During maneuvers and depending on the number of accessories, their varied types, the management system will be quite busy calculating the correct trajectory but it will have to control multiple actions on these accessories at the same time. A management system that is not powerful enough or poorly integrated accessories will then slow down the entire system and potentially degrade the quality of work. The Earth’s environment is complex with landforms, buildings, trees and many other obstacles that can affect the quality of signals received from satellites. These phenomena impact the positions calculated by the management system which, thanks to its speed and computing power, must be able to find a precise position as quickly as possible.

The integration

With the development of new tools or combined accessories sometimes from different brands, guidance systems are increasingly in demand. The performance of an excellent guidance system can be quite degraded due to poor integration of the different elements, their variable qualities, their homogeneity, their compatibility and their optimization (adjustments). Integration is therefore an essential step to get the most out of your guidance system.

Think about the future

It is also essential to think about the future evolution of the equipment to accompany that of your activity over a long period. You can favor offers and scalable equipment that will allow you to gradually increase in power. Quality and robustness are also important elements because your equipment will be confronted with the constraints of the terrain.

Professional applications

The major manufacturers do not only offer robust and excellent quality equipment because what makes the difference are the different business applications they offer and which you will find on the consoles. Years of development to allow you to gain in productivity or in compatibility with the most varied tools.

The service

The service is also a crucial element because we often think of the breakdown, but not only. The various developments and updates allow you to keep your equipment longer or to consider new work. The availability of technicians and their responsiveness can also make the difference.

The updates

To preserve the performance of your guidance system, updates are not to be neglected. It is not necessarily a question of correcting software errors but more of ensuring the compatibility of all the equipment and their best performance.

Orpheon compatibility with all brands

It is important to know that RTK correction signals are transmitted according to an international RTCM standard compatible with all equipment manufacturers. All manufacturers use this standard so that their precision GPS can integrate the data necessary for their positioning calculations and obtain centimeter precision.

Like hundreds of farmers throughout France, you can trust the Orpheon network for the choice of your RTK corrections.

Which constellations for your equipment?

When choosing the receiver, it is important to look at the different constellations of satellites taken into account because not all GNSS receivers are compatible with all the constellations of satellites available today above us. Some receivers of old design can only work with GPS and Glonass constellations while the most recent ones can work with all Full GNSS, ie with GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou. It is also possible that the hardware is Full GNSS compatible but requires licenses to be activated. Thus the compatibility or the capacity of a receiver to process the signals coming from these various constellations of satellites makes it possible to increase the possibility of working in difficult zones where the masks are numerous because it is nevertheless always necessary a minimum of 4 satellites to establish a position.

mobile internet modem

The modem is the receiver that will allow your equipment to communicate with the outside by connecting to the mobile internet. This element is essential because its ability to connect and maintain a quality connection in difficult situations will be decisive on a daily basis. In addition, it is wise to choose a modem capable of intelligently processing multi-operator signals. This capacity will allow it to switch from one operator to another in the event of loss of mobile internet at the limit of an operator’s coverage area.

Agricultural Guidance Equipment

Depending on your specialty, contact your usual distributor without hesitation (Find your Orpheon distributor), he will know better than anyone how to support you in your project.

The Orphéon offer for Precision Agriculture

The Precision Agriculture offer

A specific offer of packages and subscriptions corresponding to your needs and adapted to your operation.

Choice of SIM card

Mobile Internet access

To save you additional steps and expenses, we have forged close partnerships with the major French mobile operators SFR and Orange to provide you with SIM cards for mobile internet at the best conditions.

Orpheon Smartphone App

Network and subscription monitoring

The free Orpheon application gives you access from your smartphone to a large number of very practical and complementary features of your subscription or package.