Precision farming

Precision farming consists of using high-precision GPS positioning to conduct good agronomic practices within each plot, i.e. in addition to guiding the machines, providing each crop with the right doses of inputs at each place and at all times to reduce operating costs while maximizing results.

Provide RTK GPS corrections

The Orphéon network is made up of nearly 220 observation stations, spread over the entire territory of metropolitan France and the West Indies.

All of our stations form a large balanced network that allows us to deliver RTK corrections to our many customers to increase the accuracy of their precision GPS. Our various services are marketed in the form of subscriptions or hourly packages.

The real strength of the Orpheon network

The NRTK (Network Real Time Kinematic) comes from the use of several observation bases connected together in a network to optimize and model the correction information individually for each user on his work area.

You receive corrections from a combination of several stations for more stability and accuracy. There is only one hardware configuration to connect to the network anywhere in France, it is our server which is responsible for automatically establishing the cell of observation stations that suits you.

Positioning accuracy does not depend on the distance to the nearest physical network station.

The best network at the service of agriculture

For more than 15 years, the Orphéon network has supported you in your multiple tasks, even the most difficult, throughout the year, over the seasons and also supports innovations when it comes to precision.

The Orphéon agricultural RTK signal is also compatible with all brands of equipment used in agriculture. Its availability and reliability also make it comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis, day and night.

The drop in our prices and the now very reasonable cost of our services allow you to access the best in positioning technology without having to worry about commissioning or maintaining a base station.

The choice of expertise

Choose a GPS correction for your Farm

Géodata Diffusion offers you to take stock of the various solutions currently available on the market around GPS in agriculture and to support you in your choice. We would like to share with you the experience that we have acquired over many years in this field with a large number of farmers and users.
        • Guidance of agricultural machinery
        • Parcel survey
        • Guidance of autonomous machines (Drones, Robots, Irrigation system, etc.)
        • Telemetry
        • Cut of sections
        • Modulation (input or seed)
        • Innovations, new applications

Compatibility with all brands

The RTK Orpheon signal is compatible with all brands of equipment used in agriculture. Its availability and reliability also make it comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis, day and night. It becomes a universal tool in farms.

By providing the first centimetric full GNSS Galileo RTK GPS corrections for satellite positioning available in France, the Orpheon network demonstrates the strength of its commitment and the relevance of its technological choices in the daily service of its customers. Everywhere in France our customers are not mistaken, every day more numerous, they confirm their confidence in us and we thank them for it.
All operations requiring centimeter precision are faster, more efficient, and more economical.

Let’s do a check in

Today, RTK satellite geopositioning correction tools are the basic tools in precision agriculture but also in polyculture-livestock type structures. The offer of precision RTK GPS correction services is expanding more and more: this series of articles allows you to better understand this technology, its challenges and to get a good idea of ​​the possibilities that suit you.

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