Orpheon is the first French multi-constellation network in France.

The geometric regularity of our layouts

The Orphéon network has 220 stations in mainland France, all Full GNSS, i.e.: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, as well as a historical presence in the French West Indies. The dense network of permanent stations is arranged regularly every 60 km. Each link in the Orphéon infrastructure has been designed to offer a high-precision RTK correction service available in all circumstances. Border areas are complemented by our partnership agreements within Europe.
  • A very regular presence, without compromise and without equivalent in France.

  • The careful choice of layout for each of our 215 reference stations creates a linear and regular geometric mesh. Territory coverage is uniform wherever you are.In network corrections mode for a centimetric GNSS RTK receiver, the positioning accuracy is independent of the distance to the nearest physical network station.

    With the Orphéon network, you work with identical precision throughout the territory thanks to a cell of several reference stations created around the user and the homogeneous distribution of the stations over all the areas covered, whatever your position.

    You receive corrections from a combination of multiple stations for greater stability and accuracy. There is only one hardware configuration to connect to the network anywhere in France, it is our server which is responsible for automatically establishing the cell of observation stations that suits you.

    In single-station mode (agriculture), the distance from the nearest reference station is never more than 30 km.

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    A cell of several stations surrounding the user and regular and homogeneous layout

    The Orphéon network thus stands out significantly from its competitors who are multiplying the number of reference stations because of their disorderly location on the territory and whose coverage is losing homogeneity, sometimes leaving very large distances in the meshes of their network.

Interactive maps of the Orpheon network

The Orpheon network: 15 years of presence in the West Indies

The West Indies have always been the subject of particular attention at Geodata Diffusion, it is in this region that the Full GNSS service was offered for the first time in preview

West Indies

  • Reinforced coverage

    The coverage of the Orphéon network is reinforced at the borders thanks to the sharing of reference stations of our international network Hxgn SmartNet with :

          • Belgium
          • Luxembourg
          • Germany
          • Swiss
          • Italy
          • Spain
    • Integration into a European network

      To guarantee a continuous service of constant quality throughout the territory, we share the reference sites within the European network of our  Hexagon group.

      This European network allows us to integrate additional reference stations and extend the coverage of the Orphéon network for French customers. In this way, even near a border, it is possible to work in a network while being within an RTK cell (and no longer in extrapolated mode).

      The highest availability rate on the market

      The strength of the European network is to share infrastructures and the most qualified technical teams to guarantee identical control procedures over the entire coverage area, continuous and regular reinforced monitoring of all stations and the network. This international technical team from a major manufacturer is responsible for supervising all installations 24 hours a day, 365 days.

Increased productivity and quality of satellite positioning

Full GNSS is the addition of the Galileo and BeiDou satellites to the GPS and GLONASS satellites, which allows you to significantly increase the number of satellites observed simultaneously by your GNSS antenna. With Full GNSS you work further and longer in wooded areas or bordered by buildings, where some satellites are hidden or even unusable by the equipment while maintaining a correct and precise geo-referenced position. Full GNSS also offers faster access to precise and more stable positioning thanks to the third frequency GPS and Galileo (L5) allowing easier resolution of phase ambiguities and rejection of multipaths.

Orpheon Unlimited Subscriptions

The Premium Orpheon offer These subscriptions give access to unlimited Real-Time correction services in the NRTK Full GNSS centimetric repeatable GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou network.

Orpheon Hourly packages

The non-binding offer This is access to the N-RTK GNSS correction network with real-time centimeter accuracy (GPS, Glonass). Often used to discover our services.

Online post-processing and RINEX files from the Orpheon network

The 3D control offer

This is access to the N-RTK Full GNSS correction network with centimeter precision (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou). Often used to control the accuracy of its measurements or even for areas where a mobile internet connection is not available for real time.

The Geodata offer for Precision Agriculture

The dedicated offer

A specific offer of packages and subscriptions corresponding to your needs and adapted to your operation.

Choice of SIM card

Mobile Internet access

To save you additional steps and expenses, we have forged close partnerships with the major French mobile operators SFR and Orange to provide you with SIM cards for mobile internet at the best conditions.

Orpheon Smartphone App

Network and subscription monitoring

The free Orpheon application gives you access from your smartphone to a large number of very practical and complementary features of your subscription or package.

Customer area

Consult freely :

      • Orpheon GNSS network status
      • Your personal information
      • The contracts you have entered into
      • Your login history
      • The remaining credit on your hourly rate

Frequently asked Questions

You will find in this FAQ the answers to the most common questions about the practical use of Orpheon, its operation, its infrastructure. To always provide more answers to our subscribers in the field, the FAQ evolves and is regularly enriched with new answers.


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