Géodata Diffusion, created in 2004, has become a major player in GNSS positioning in France. A pioneer in the implementation of the first permanent Full GNSS precision augmentation network in the country, the company now covers a large number of applications through a large network of approved distribution partners for all brands of GNSS receivers.

With the deployment of its Orpheon network of more than 182 reference antennas and the experience acquired since 2004, Géodata Diffusion offers increased productivity to all its users in the fields of topography, construction, 3D digitization, machine guiding, precision farming and bathymetry, but also for new applications concerning autonomous vehicles, drones (UAV) and connected objects (IOT and M2M).

Network modernization

Throughout the year 2017 Geodata upgraded the Orpheon network by updating part of the reference stations and replacing the older ones.

Since 7 September 2017, all the reference stations, the infrastructure and the correction calculation software allow us to deliver Full GNSS corrections: GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou.

Orphéon becomes France’s  first Full GNSS network

By providing the first Galileo RTK corrections available in France, the Orphéon network demonstrates the strength of its commitment and the relevance of its technological choices to the daily service of its customers.

Our customers are not mistaken, each day more numerous, they confirm their confidence and we thank them.

50% more satellites 

The addition of Galileo and BeiDou satellites to the GPS and GLONASS satellites makes it possible to significantly increase the number of satellites that can be observed simultaneously by a GNSS antenna.

This compatibility is already valid for our new RINEX online post-processing & download services.

The addition of GALILEO and BeiDou constellations through the Orpheon network is not a simple gadget, but the assurance of a better daily productivity in the field.

Indeed, you can count permanently on a constant availability of at least 6 additional satellites to bring you real advantages:

Increased positioning quality

  • More satellites available to calculate its position
  • Precise positioning even in difficult environments (urban canyons for example or under a canopy)
  • Improved positioning reliability
  • A shorter fixing time


We share the same requirement!

Géodata Diffusion continues to develop the quality of its services through personalized support, responsive technical assistance and continuous improvement of its infrastructures. Our goal is to offer customers a secure and innovative service, guaranteeing them a high and constant usage rate wherever they are, throughout the territory.

1- Imagine the future of Orpheon

Evolution and development of new services, support of new projects alongside our customers, search for new markets, continuous improvement, quality procedures. We make every effort to provide a very high quality service for the long term.
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2- Provide very high level technical support

All calls are handled and solved live, or, if necessary, the user is called back within two hours.

3- Ensure the complete and proactive maintenance of the network

To guarantee an excellent rate of availability of the corrections.
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