Provide RTK GPS corrections

The Orphéon network is made up of nearly 220 observation stations, spread over the entire territory of metropolitan France and the West Indies.

All of our stations form a large balanced network that allows us to deliver RTK corrections to our many customers to increase the accuracy of their precision GPS. Our various services are marketed in the form of subscriptions or hourly packages.

The best network at the service of agriculture

The Orphéon network supports you in your multiple tasks, even the most difficult, throughout the year, over the seasons and also supports innovations when it comes to precision.

The RTK Orpheon signal is also compatible with all brands of equipment used in agriculture. Its availability and reliability also make it comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis, day and night.

        • Adapted RTK tariffs
        • Without entrance fee
        • Homogeneous national coverage
        • Centimeter precision everywhere
        • 100% compatibility with all brands
        • Responsive technical support
        • The highest service availability rate
        • Recognized expertise for more than 15 years

Receive our best offer and prices to easily order the best RTK corrections service.

Free and fast delivery

Precision without commitment

These are access to the N-RTK network with centimeter precision often used to discover or set up a precision farming solution while controlling your budget, without commitment.

They allow access to GPS + Glonass “real-time” correction services depending on the option chosen:

The advantages of RTK Orphéon packages

        • Usable over 12 months, at any time, from the date of subscription throughout the National territory (See conditions).
        • Without commitment,
        • Constant centimetric precision, GPS + Glonass
        • 100% compatible with section cutting
        • Positioning is repeatable and allows work to be resumed,
        • Minimal convergence times
        • compatible with all brands of equipment
        • No geographic restriction, available nationwide
        • Multi connections (up to 5 simultaneous per package)
        • RTK network work, the 6 permanent stations surrounding the equipment provide precision correction
        • RTK network mode, no worries if one of the permanent stations stops, the network compensates.

Additional services included

Follow your consumption on your customer area or on our free smartphone application.

Before the anniversary date, receive the top-up offer to renew at your own pace.

Receive a renewal offer just in time before your credit expires.

Why choose Orpheon:

Precision GPS positioning: a specialist job

        • Orphéon is the 1st permanent Full GNSS precision augmentation network on the national territory.
        • The management of this Orphéon network is our only activity
        • We have a team dedicated to maintenance and technical support to ensure the best availability of service 24 hours a day.

National coverage:

The Orphéon network covers the entire metropolitan territory, its unique dense mesh means you are never more than 30km from a reference base station.

We offer the most regular network structure


Click on the map to access the interactive network map

Benefit from GNSS corrections throughout the national territory including the West Indies*.

Regular meshing and secure data transfer for greater reliability and repeatability on a daily basis.

We have developed a full range of high-end services so that you can choose according to your real need.

Repeatability over the seasons, the network allows you to always go back to the same place to control soil compaction and allow plants to take root better and the soil to better absorb inputs by limiting runoff phenomena. but also preserve your cultivation methods and techniques.

The flexible offer to take advantage of the performance of the Orphéon network and work in the best conditions without commitment.

In your professional practice, to meet your missions and your obligations, you can rely on the centimeter precision of the Orphéon network.

  The Free Smartphone Application

The new free Orphéon application allows customers of the Orphéon network to consult, using their connection parameters, various information concerning the services they have subscribed to.

  • Real-time network status
  • Your consumption and the time remaining on your hourly package

Benefit …

  • Status of your Mobile
  • Real-time network status
  • Check your NTRIP connection
  • Your personal information
  • Your contracts
  • The remaining credit on your hourly rate
  • Contact us
  • Settings

A network of distributors

Orphéon subscriptions are also offered in France by a distribution network of more than 60 agencies, representing all brands of equipment, contact us for a complete list of distributors.