Orpheon Network: closer to the evolution of construction site managers

At the heart of the rapid changes of recent years affecting the construction and public works, the job of site manager is no exception to these changes. The Orphéon network accompanies the development of these professionals on a daily basis to meet their missions and obligations.

Change in methods and tools

Basically the missions of the site managers do not change around his 3 main activities:

  • Construction site préparation,
  • Organization and site monitoring,
  • Closing of the construction site.

It is the arrival of the structured digital model that brings its share of direct changes in this profession. In other words, it is the arrival of BIM (Building Information Modeling) which changes traditional methods and tools by bringing a marked improvement in the interface between the various trades and greater reliability and precision of the data exchanged.

Real-time BIM integration

With the advent of BIM, the appearance of digital models used throughout the design, construction and use of buildings or infrastructures, accelerates the exchange and the volume of intelligent and structured data.

Site managers use these physical and functional digital representations of buildings or infrastructures under construction on a daily basis and constantly bring these data to life. Thus, they thus participate in the dynamics by feeding in real time the evolutions and the state of the achievements. all the players benefit from these data exchanges and can interact together much more efficiently.

“4D” Planning

We are now talking about “4D” planning by answering the question: who does what, where and when?

It is therefore a structured way of managing the different phases and the different actors of the worksites, before and during their execution, at the heart of the worksite manager’s job. whether it is the development of quotes for customers, the organization of site logistics, or the control of the progress of achievements and supplies. Added to this is also precision geolocation and geo-referencing.

The increasingly common use of a GPS pole

The increasingly common use of a network GPS rod to record 3D coordinates allows the site manager to control all the phases of his site in a more productive way, to meet more rigorous specifications and to avoid the retakes.

Thus equipped, site managers can share information, monitor results instantly, make smarter decisions and manage multiple sites easily while staying connected.

Thanks to the use of the digital terrain model (DTM), the site manager benefits from the various business applications developed by the manufacturers, making it possible to connect on a single interface all the machine guidance solutions, topographic tools, software and site monitoring and analysis solutions.

The construction site manager is connected to his teams, the office is informed of all site data in real time.

Side effect: the available internet connection

The classic real-time connection to the Orphéon network offers the possibility of connecting the equipment as before, but also site managers and surveyors to mobile internet.

The equipment and the use of increasingly widespread multi-function tablets make it possible to fully exploit their new functionalities in addition to precision positioning.

Large groups at work

Large groups looking for the most economical solutions are not mistaken and no longer hesitate to equip their teams much more extensively with GPS rods connected to the Orpheon network.

It is not simply a matter of readings or positioning but of the increasingly wide use of tools and business software allowing them to gain in productivity. It is then possible to integrate the constraints of the land and to make any corrections to the projects in progress in a much more fluid way but above all to communicate and exchange this information in a much more precise and reliable way.

For two years we have witnessed a very strong progression in this field, every day more numerous, they confirm their confidence in us and we thank them for it.

The Orpheon commitment

Geodata Diffusion continues to develop the quality of its satellite positioning correction services through personalized support, responsive technical assistance and continuous improvement of its infrastructure. Our objective is to offer our customers a secure and innovative service, guaranteeing them a high and constant rate of use wherever they are, throughout the territory.

nullBy providing the first RTK Galileo full GNSS GPS corrections available in France, the Orpheon network demonstrates the strength of its commitment and the relevance of its technological choices in the daily service of its customers.

Through the use of RTK corrections from the Orphéon network, the structured digital model, the urban digital model or the 3D virtual models used throughout the design, construction and even use of a building or a structure can thus be geo-referenced with precision at all stages of the project, but above all by the various stakeholders.

The teams in the field thus gain in autonomy and above all in productivity. By facilitating the exchange of data and limiting travel or back and forth to the office.


In your professional practice you can count on the knowledge, the know-how and the centimetric precision for the satellite positioning of the Orpheon network to meet your missions and your obligations.

The network has been thought out and designed according to the rules of the art, it is constantly monitored and checked regularly. (The network-Orpheon).

Everything has been thought out to allow you to benefit from increased productivity.

In order to offer offers perfectly adapted to the needs of users, we have designed several subscription formulas. Our commercial offer is very clear and very flexible. So, in complete transparency, you only pay for what you really need.

Discover the offers

If you wish to take out a subscription or a package, contact your distributor who will offer you a price offer.

Orphéon subscriptions are marketed in France by a distribution network of more than 40 agencies, representing all brands of equipment. Depending on your specialty, contact your usual distributor without hesitation (Find your Orpheon distributor), he will know, better than anyone, how to answer you and support you in your projects.