As part of this partnership, the entire chain has been evaluated through numerous field tests and particularly innovative technical solutions have been provided by Geodata Diffusion in order to provide maximum availability of autoguiding.

Précisio is a distributor of GNSS corrections (RTK = real-time positioning) by GPRS (mobile telephone standard for data transmission) for the autoguiding of agricultural equipment at 2 cm.

Created in 2011 at the initiative of agricultural cooperatives

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16 Boulevard du Val de Vesle
BP 1009
51684 Reims cedex 02
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Fax : 03 59 30 56 50


Contacts :

François Carpentier
Tel : 06 15 07 72 95
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Karine Moita
Région Sud Loire
Tel: 06 79 53 75 90
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Bring you robust and reliable solutions

The guidance specialists gathered around our numerous trials to test the performance of the Orpheon correction services.

In partnership with Arvalis Institut du Végétal, we have ensured the performance, precision and repeatability of many guiding materials of all brands in real conditions.

A solution to serve you with agricultural equipment pros

Your dealer or installer referenced by Préciso provides assembly, commissioning and first-level troubleshooting.

We are at your dealer’s or installer’s disposal to provide them with all the information necessary for the proper commissioning of your system.

Simplicity and responsiveness

–Set up 72 hours after your order.
– Quality technical support.
– No royalty to pay to ARCEP as with beacons. Signal quality is not impacted by ionospheric weather thanks to the Orpheon network. The density of the implantation of the permanent stations makes it possible not to suffer the impacts of solar irruptions (this implantation responds to the state of the art and not to chance!)
– Free choice of telephone operator (SFR or ORANGE, or multi-operators)

What are the savings?

Comparative measurements carried out by Arvalis Institut du Végétal show the following reductions in worked areas between manual driving and self-guided driving:

  • Tillage: -13%
  • Sowing and spreading: -5%
  • Harvest: -5%

This reduction in recoveries allows a gain per hectare ranging from 15 to 25 € according to studies carried out by the CDER on the initiative of our partner Précisio. Tool builders like Kverneland offer a business model called Mini-Max showing a return on investment.