Topography: Orphéon, a discreet but effective partner for Grand Paris development sites

Precision satellite positioning

Quietly, the Orpheon network is very widely used every day by many professionals in all phases and all aspects of this huge land development project. The Orphéon network has thus become the discreet but effective working companion of the teams on a large number of sites thanks to its strengths and its experience in the field.


With minimal set-up work, it allows you to start working faster, and benefit from increased productivity. For the teams, it is thus possible to move to the different sites, according to the different phases of the construction sites, the network is there.


Network coverage around Paris

With a greater number of satellites available thanks to the Full GNSS available (GPS + Glonass + Galileo + Beidou constellations), it allows precise positioning even in difficult environments such as urban canyons for example or under a canopy.


All operations requiring centimeter precision are faster, more efficient, and more economical. From the preparatory study phases, to the construction or development operations and end-of-site control, everything is optimized.

We offer you an overview of the different applications of the Orpheon network.

Grand Paris: A Transport Component

The Grand Paris project, which should notably lead to the creation of the metropolis, contains an important transport component. It provides for the modernization of existing lines and the creation of a new automatic ring road metro, over 205 kilometres: the Grand Paris Express.

The Grand Paris Express in figures

        • 205 kilometers of lines
        • 4 new lines
        • 72 stations
        • 100 urban development or renovation projects
        • 19 Territories selected
        • 2 million travelers every day
        • 22 min to go from Gare de Lyon to Orly airport
        • 30 minutes between La Défense and Charles-de-Gaulles airport
        • €26 billion
        • 10,000 to 15,000 jobs for fifteen to twenty years

Grand-Paris: A regional development component

Each of the 72 stations is also an opportunity to rethink the surrounding districts.

More than half of the stations will thus be affected by related building projects. These programs, which include housing, offices, shops and equipment, facilitate the integration of transport in the city and the development of the territories.

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