Orpheon services: New Online PPK post-processing with virtual station of the Orpheon network

Following the update of the Spider platform, it is now possible to post-process your data online with a virtual station of the Orphéon network, but also to perform a coordinate transformation.



Corrections in post-processing

PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) to post-process your positioning data with observation data from an observation station.

Raw positioning data (without corrections) is stored in the GPS in Rinex format along with satellite observations such as satellite ID, frequency (L1/L2/L5, etc.), constellation, pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler and signal-to-noise ratios.

RINEX (Receiver Independent Exchange Format) as its name suggests is a standardized format for storing positioning and observation data independent of the brand of the receiver and thus allowing post-processing of this data afterwards to obtain corrected positions much more precise.

The orpheon online application allows:

  • To post-process with data from Orpheon network stations your raw GNSS data recorded in the field in RINEX format, whether physical stations but now also with calculated virtual stations.
  • Download raw GNSS data in RINEX format from the physical stations of the Orphéon network in order to carry out personalized post-processing.
    Constant centimetric precision Full GNSS, GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou

Simply log in with your usual username and password on the Leica Spider Platform: http://ntrip.reseau-orpheon.fr/sbc

Benefits of the Orpheon Post-Processing Service

Post-processing can be a real added value for GNSS data users and can easily be integrated into your usual workflow. It allows to :

  • Post-process Full GNSS data: GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou
  • Work in all areas not covered by GPRS (white and gray areas),
  • Control the quality of your data for complex or demanding projects,
  • Increase productivity thanks to a simplified post-processing chain,
  • Obtain results of optimized quality thanks to a network calculation,
  • Benefit from directly georeferenced and usable data.
  • Post-process your data from your specific applications

A simplified operation in 3 steps

  1. Importing RINEX data from the mobile to Post-Process
  2. Execution of Post-Processing calculations
  3. Calculation report

null1- Online post-processing with virtual station:

Our online application now allows you to post-process your data with calculated virtual stations, just like post-processing your data from data from physical stations in the Orpheon network. Just log in with your usual username and password.

In just a few clicks, you upload your Rinex file and retrieve your corrected data directly on our online platform:


From the Rinex Data Menu

You drop your file and select the virtual Rinex option


You get your results in a new tab


null2- Coordinate transformation:

It is now also possible to calculate a coordinate change directly on our online platform:


From the Transform menu

You drop your file and select the coordinate system


You get your results in a new tab


null Hourly packages Online post-processing and downloading of RINEX files from network stations

We offer two ways to access recorded data from the Orpheon network.

  1. In each of the real-time subscriptions to the Orphéon network, we have included 50 hours of post-processing (activation on request).
  2. Independently of subscriptions, there are also hourly packages dedicated to post-processing including the downloading of RINEX files from our stations. These hourly packages can be used over 12 months from the date of subscription, without geographical restriction, throughout the National territory (See conditions).

More information about post-processing

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