You said full GNSS network ?

Since October 2017, the Orphéon network allows its customers to benefit from RTK and NRTK corrections for all GNSS constellations including Galilleo and Beidou in addition to GPS and Glonass.

Since that date, smart guys are playing on words in their communications to make it appear that their network also delivers Full GNSS corrections for NRTK or RTK services.

Questionable practices

At the limit of the dubious commercial practice, it is especially and above all the customers and the professionals of field who are deceived about the quality of the services.

Speaking of a “Full GNSS-compatible” network, for example, the operator may just mean that his installations are technically compatible but not necessarily that the full GNSS NRTK corrections are actually delivered to the customers

Other operators offer different types of corrections, the main and most widespread: the NRTK does not have all the constellations and remain only GPS and Glonass.

Legally, this information, although partial, is difficult to question. It is therefore up to the customers of these networks to verify which services are actually offered by these operators and which means these operators implement.

A very simple check

Each user of a NRTK correction network can thus very simply check the reality of these Full GNSS services.

  • Are the constellations operational on the reference stations and used in the correction calculation solution ?

If the network is referenced on the RGP site, with a simple click, it is possible to view all the information relating to each of the reference stations. This information although indicative can already begin to raise some small doubts.

If in the list of proposed editing points there is not at least one proposed point in RTCM-3.x MSM format (RTK Full GNSS), here too doubts can be seriously allowed.

Finally, on some Full GNSS devices, you can view the number of satellites used in the NRTK correction solution. If these figures remain at zero, again doubts may be allowed.

Required investments

The fact that a network is technically compatible with full GNSS does not automatically allow to issue the corresponding corrections for all advertised services.

First and foremost, all network reference stations must be able to process GNSS constellations to deliver NRTK corrections. This often means for the operator to activate licenses and paid options, sometimes expensive, for each of the reference stations from the hardware manufacturers. Given the number of reference stations used in a national network, the total amount of the bill is not negligible and can be spread over several years, which delays the actual commissioning of the service.

Then, the software for calculating and managing the network must also be updated to activate licenses and paid options, also sometimes expensive, to treat the different constellations in the calculation solutions.

A complete installation

The Orphéon network made sure that all the reference stations used and that the Spider calculation line was fully deployed before announcing that Full GNSS services were available to its customers.

The Orpheon commitment

Géodata Diffusion continues to develop the quality of its services through personalized support, responsive technical assistance and continuous improvement of its infrastructures. Our goal is to offer our customers a secure and innovative service, guaranteeing them a high and constant use rate wherever they are, throughout the territory.

By providing the first Galileo full GNSS GPS RTK corrections available in France, the Orphéon network demonstrates the strength of its commitment and the relevance of its technological choices to the daily service of its customers.

Our customers are not mistaken, each day more numerous, they confirm their confidence and we thank them.

In order to offer offers perfectly adapted to the needs of users, we have designed several subscription formulas. Our commercial offer is very clear and very flexible. So, in all transparency, you only pay for what you really need.

Depending on your specialty, do not hesitate to contact your usual distributor (Find your Distributor), he will know better than anyone to answer you and support you in your projects.