Agriculture: Renew my Single-Station subscription

You have taken out a Mono-Station subscription in the East of France, it expires on February 14, 2022 and you are satisfied with the service?

Do not wait and renew your subscription

To make your life easier, we offer specific conditions to enable you to ensure the continuity of your work under the same conditions of service. By staying with us you have the possibility of continuing to work without interruption, ie you keep your connection parameters and your current SIM card. This saves you from having to replace the SIM card or even having to re-configure your equipment. For many years you have known the quality of our services, so there are no surprises. To do this, click on the link below to request your subscription form with your specific renewal conditions.

The Orphéon offer for Precision Agriculture

The Precision Agriculture offer A specific offer of packages and subscriptions corresponding to your needs and adapted to your operation.

Orpheon subscriptions

The Premium Orpheon offer These network subscriptions give access to unlimited Real-Time correction services for NRTK Full GNSS centimetric repeatable GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou network corrections.

The Single Station

Affordable precision This type of correction makes it possible to achieve centimetric precision according to the specifications of the GNSS equipment used and the distance separating it from the ORPHEON station to which you are connected.

Real-Time Hourly Packages

The non-binding offer This is access to centimeter-accurate (GPS, Glonass) N-RTK GNSS correction network. Often used to discover our services.

Choice of SIM card

Mobile Internet access To save you additional steps and expenses, we have forged close partnerships with the major French mobile operators SFR and Orange to provide you with SIM cards for mobile internet at the best conditions.

Application Smartphone Orphéon

Le suivi du réseau et des abonnements

L’application Orphéon gratuite vous donne accès depuis votre smartphone à un grand nombre de fonctionnalités bien pratiques et complémentaires de votre abonnement ou de votre forfait….